Did you watch the film synopsis of “Black Terror”?

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With a commitment to Black artists and stories of the African diaspora, WACO Theater Center, Newark Symphony Hall and Yendor Theatre Company come together to reimagine the moving story of Black Terror for a contemporary audience. This bicoastal collaboration affords the opportunity to engage audiences and communities in an artistic medium and format that reaches a global audience–through film.


Originally produced fifty years ago, playwright and screenwriter Richard Wesley’s Black Terror returns under the bold direction of Richard Lawson.

This film collaboration illuminates the urgent demands and extreme sacrifices at the center of Black liberation struggles. In Black Terror, an impassioned squad of revolutionaries called the Black Comrades sets out to unshackle their people from oppression. The freedom fighters’ divergent approaches not only threaten their alliance but expose their vulnerabilities. Lawson and Wesley’s production, which extends beyond any one time or place, challenges audiences to consider: What path toward freedom would you take?

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